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India Natural S795

Warkener Millen Coffee Roastery

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Warkener Millen Coffee India Natural Coffee Kaffi Luxembourg
Warkener Millen Coffee India Natural Coffee Kaffi Luxembourg Letzebuerg


We are proud to offer this exclusive Indian S795 hand selected and handpicked.

Grown at our great Partners Farm, The South India Coffee Company, in the Northern Coorg Region, the new 2020 harvest finally arrived at our Roastery.

After harvesting only the ripe coffee cherries, the fruits are dried on the farms own patios for 7-10 days and processed naturally, making sure no water is wasted.

A composition of Unique Flavors and Notes makes this coffee special and guarantees a full Cup of Pleasure.


Country: India
Estate / Region: Mooleh Manay Estate, North Coorg
Grade: Single Estate, hand selected
Variety: S795 (100% Arabica)
Process: Natural
Harvest Year: 2020
Altitude: 975 M.A.S.L.
Flavour: Blueberry, Plum
Brightness / Acidity: Balanced Acidity

GPS Position: Lat.: 12.4835823, Long.: 75.85974580000004

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