Coffee 101

Warkener Millen Coffee

What is Coffee?

We all love Coffee, for Breakfast, as a Ritual with friends, as an Energy Boost at Work, prepared in many different ways, Pour Over, Espresso, Latte drinks.


Let's take a closer look:

The Plant:

Coffee, as we use it to prepare our all favorite, is the cherry of a tree.
There are 2 commonly known species of Coffee Trees, Coffea Arabica and Coffea canephora, known as Robusta. To date, more than 120 species have been identified.

Long time, Robustas used to be "the ugly sister" of Arabicas, discovered in Belgian Congo (now: Democratic Republic of Congo) and known for its commercial potential. Given the advantage of being resistant to different plant diseases, this plant could grow at higher temperatures and lower altitudes. Its biggest disadvantage was a rather unpleasant taste.
Coffee changed, and today, both Arabica and Robusta, can be enjoyed in countless brewing methods.



There are 3 different ways to harvest, machine harvest, which is for industrial grade Coffee as it picks every cherry, even those that are not yet ripe.
Strip picking is another way to harvest coffee. This method requires hard work and is widely used where harvesting machines can't access.

And, the most selective way to harvest, is Handpicking the ripe Cherries.
This method even requires more hard work, but guarantees that only the perfectly ripe cherries are harvested and processed into our delicious coffee.

All our products are handpicked to guarantee highest Quality and perfect Satisfaction in your cup.



After being harvested, the cherries need to be processed. Processing means, removing skin, pulp and parchment.
A short overview of the 2 most commonly used processing methods, which influence the final taste in our Cup.


-Natural Process

This is an old, and traditional method to remove the skin, flesh and parchment. A thin layer of coffee is spread out to dry in the sun. The Coffee cherries need to be turned frequently to avoid rot.

-Washed Process

The purpose of the Washed process is to remove the flesh before it's dried which reduces the risk of rot.


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