Why Single Origin

Warkener Millen Coffee

What is Single Origin Coffee:

There are 3 ways to harvest the so-called Coffee Cherries, mechanical, strip-picking, or handpicking.

As you can imagine, Single Origins are handpicked and selected by our partners.

 Only the perfectly ripe fruits are harvested

After harvest, the Cherries are brought to a processing facility. At these facilities, the yield of many small farmers is processed at the same time which means a loss of traceability and quality.

 Sun drying after harvest 

Why Single Origin?

A Single Origin Coffee is harvested and later processed apart, so they can be traced back to the cultivating farm, helping the farmers to grow their communities and maintain our beloved coffee farm up and running smoothly.

Buying at the farm gives us full Quality Control as we are working closely together with our partnering farmers to improve every harvest, every selection, and every roast to meet your high standards.

Another good reason to buy Single Origins at Warkener Millen is that all our products are fairtrade, even without the official logo.

Buying an agricultural product at the farm itself, that's FAIRTRADE!

Thanks to our partners at The South India Coffee Company for sharing these great photos.


Foggy Sunrise at  our partners, The South Indian Coffee Company's farm.