Agourelaio Olive Oil

Agourelaio is the Greek green olive oil which is produced relatively early from olives that still have not gotten wrinkled and retain their green colour. The olives are being harvested in mid-October by hand and processed the same or at most the next day.

By the term agourelaio we are not making a reference to any type of fresh olive oil, but specifically to the one which is produced by unripe olives. The colour is bright green and this is due to the chlorophyll of the unripe olive fruit which is richer in antioxidants, vitamins, provitamins, minerals and polyphenols.

The difference between the Agourelaio and extra virgin olive oil can be noticed in the taste as well. It can be described as slightly bitter and lightly spicy with intense fruity taste from aromas of freshly picked olives.

Health tip:
From ancient Greeks: Have a teaspoon of agourelaio first thing in the morning. Enjoy the benefits..